Chinese End of Year Memory Activity

The school year 2017-2018 is nearly to its end. At this time of the year, both teachers and students have lots to do. A major task is to wrap the school year up well: everything a child needs to know should be covered; Another big task is to reflect, celebrate and plan for the next […]

16 Animal Sounds You’ll love to Know in Chinese – Animals Sound Different in Chinese

Do you know which animals make these sounds: Meow, woof and chirp? Surely you know the answers. The animals are cats, dogs and birds. What sounds do these animals make in Chinese? Cats make 喵喵(miāo miāo),dogs 汪汪(wāngwāng) and birds 叽叽(jī ji). Do Animals Sound Different in Chinese Sounds of animals are a form of onomatopoeia, the […]

Chinese Language Song by S.H.E – A Chinese Song about Chinese Language

中国话,”Chinese Language”, an interesting title for a song. You are right. It is indeed quite puzzling if you only look at the title. However, if you listen to the Chinese Language song, you will understand why it has such a title. Chinese language song starts with a well-known Chinese tong twister biǎn dān kuān bǎn […]

Smiley Emoji – Do You Know What They Mean in Chinese

We use Smiley Emoji in our conversations all the time. Do you know about their meanings? If yes, do you know the meaning of these commonly used smiley emojis in Chinese? Let’s have a look! Grin 开心 Kāixīn Laughing with tears 笑到哭 Xiào dào kū Yum yum 口水流下来了 Kǒushuǐ liú xiàláile Cool 酷毙了 Kù bìle […]

Learn Chinese in Springtime – What to Learn and How to Learn_updated

After a long, dull, cold and wet winter, it starts to feel great to see grass turning green, flowers blossoming, sprouts appearing on the braches. It is great to hear birds chirping and to see baby animals near ponds and in farms. In this beautiful season,  what Chinese can a child learn and how to […]

Jingle Bells in Chinese

Christmas is coming. There is nothing better than singing into the holiday season! Let’s learn a Christmas song: JINGLE BELLS in Chinese! Líng er xiǎng dīngdāng 铃儿响叮当 Hēi, chōngpò dà fēng xuě 嘿,冲破大风雪 Wǒmen zuò zài xuěqiāo shàng 我们坐在雪橇上 Kuài bēnchíguò tiányě 快奔驰过田野 Wǒmen huānxiào yòu gēchàng 我们欢笑又歌唱 Niánqīng de huǒbànmen 年轻的伙伴们 Jīngshén duō shuǎnglǎng […]

Ideas of Gifts with Chinese Elements

On special occasions like New Year Day, Christmas, graduation day, birthdays… or just a random, ordinary day to cheer up the people we care, we want to give out a gift – maybe small, maybe big — but unique gifts with some Chinese elements. It is not always easy to come up with ideas. Isn’t […]

Invisible Wings

invisible wings - A Chinese pop song for Chinese learning #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #Chinesesong #funChinese

I love this song by Zhāng Shàohán 张韶涵. Let’s quote some from the words 每一次都在徘徊孤单中坚强 měi yī cì dōu zài pái huái gū dān zhōng jiān qiáng Every time I wander in loneliness, I get stronger; 每一次就算很受伤也不闪泪光 měi yī cì jiù suàn hěn shòu shāng yě bù shǎn lèi guāng Every time even if I […]

Tricycle Runs Fast- A Chinese Song for Children

This song is a classical Chinese children’s song. It tells a story that an old lady taking a tricycle. She was asked to pay 50 cents, but she paid 1 dollar. Isn’t that strange? A little monkey is so hungry that it cannot jump. It was given a banana, but it refuses to take it. […]

Oh Life The English version of Chinese song Later

Do you know that some popular Chinese songs have their English versions too? Sofia Kallgren, the Swedish singer, re-sings several Chinese songs in English. Life is one of them. It is a song sung by Ruoying Liu, named “LATER”, which was popular in China for a long time. Let’s listen to the English version first, […]

Picture Book in Chinese: Rosie’s Walk in Chinese

 Picture books is a great way to introduce reading to children. There are many excellent English picture books now available in Chinese. Rosie’s Walk is one of them. This is a very simple (yet surprisingly sophisticated, from a humorous point of view) story. A chick named Rosie decides to take a walk one day. […]

Chinese Valentine Cards Printables

Valentine’s Day is coming. It is not a really special day in China traditionally, but it is becoming more and more popular among young people even in China. Flowers and chocolate are good gifts for the loved ones. Valentine’s Day cards are essential together with gifts. In sprite of its increasing popularity, unlike in USA […]

Five Monkeys

五只小猴床上跳 wǔ zhī xiǎohóu chuáng shàng tiào Five little monkeys were jumping on the bed, 一只跌倒摔伤了 yì zhī diē dǎo shuāi shāng liǎo One fell and got hurt. 医生医生怎么办? yīshēng yīshēng zěnmebàn? Doctor, doctor, what should I do? 别让小猴床上跳 bié ràng xiǎohóu chuáng shàng tiào Don’t let the little monkeys jump on the bed. 四只小猴床上跳 […]

Chinese Animation: Three Monks

“三个和尚”(Three Monks) is a classic story in Chinese. Long time ago, there was a temple on top of a mountain. There is a river at the foot of the mountain. At first, one monk moved to live in the temple. He had to fetch water every day from the river. Later, another monk moved in […]

I am Thankful – a Picture Book from Jimi

There are some little worries which may bother us once in a while. Well, Jimi has put them in a different perspective. When thinking in a different perspective, all those worries become reasons to be thankful of.

Dad, Where Are We Going?

“Dad, Where Are We Going?” is a reality show which is really popular in China these days. It is now Season 3. 5 celebrity Dads went to different places with their children to accomplish different tasks. Away from work and stress, Dads spend their time and show their love to their children during the whole […]

Health Song

It is a good idea to do some morning exercise in summer! Let’s move following this video.    

5 Craft Ideas for the Year of Goat

The Chinese New Year is coming! This Thursday is going to be the 1st day of the year of Goat (羊). Here are some craft ideas for children to celebrate the arrival of the new year. Let’s first start with a fun poster of the personalities of “Goat People”: elegant, artistic,  tender, loving and so […]

Valentine’s Day Card in Chinese

Happy Valentine’s Day! Above is Valentine’s card in Chinese. The card can be downloaded and used for non-commercial reasons. Here you can also find some more cards I made last year. A good giveaway for children.