Tiger, Lion, and Panda… How to Say Zoo Animals in Chinese

After last week’s “Insects Chinese Vocabulary” post, I’ve received many requests for more of this kind of lessons. So here you are, let’s learn how to say zoo animals in Chinese! Zoo is always a fascinating place for kids to visit, again and again. There are many animals living in the zoo and that makes […]

How to Say Goodbye in Chinese Like a Native

When learning Mandarin Chinese, one of the first lessons is how to say hello. It is also quite important to know how to say Goodbye. Like in English, there are many ways to say Goodbye in Chinese. Let’s have a look at 8 different ways of saying Goodbye in Mandarin Chinese. 8 different ways of […]

Chinese Year of the Pig – Learn about Pigs in Chinese

In our Chinese New Year series, we’ve talked about Chinese New Year Celebrations for kids, Chinese Zodiac animals. 2019 is the year of the pig, so we are going to talk about PIGS in Chinese. How to Say Pigs in Chinese Pig in Chinese is called 猪(Zhū). One pig is 一头猪 (yītóu zhū); two pigs […]

How to Say Hello in Chinese Like a Native

If you ask what the most well- known Chinese phrase is, I would say it is “你好”.  It is becoming quite common to hear “你好” in a foreign country from a non Chinese person. Is “你好” the only greeting phrase in Chinese? The answer is no. There are more expressions to say “hi” in Chinese […]

12 Chinese Proverbs on Friendship

Abraham Lincoln says, “The better part of one’s life consists of his friendship.” Friends are so important to all of us. They bring support, love and excitement to our lives. Friendship is therefore an essential part a child needs to learn. As teachers and parents, what can we teach our kids the wisdom from our […]

Chinese Vocabulary Study Guide – Hui

The word 会 basically can be used in two ways: 1. to express an ability (a skill or knowledge) that has been learned; 2. to express the possibility of an action which happens in the future. Here is the Chinese vocabulary study guide 会. EXPRESS AN ABILITY WITH 会 The sentence structure is Subj + […]

Fall Theme Chinese Learning

Fall seems like it came so quick, but we already love every minute of it. Here I would like to share with you some activities to learn fall theme in Chinese. You will see ideas for apples and fall season. Whether you are planning for a fall unit study in Chinese or a quick lesson activity, […]

Chinese Vocabulary Study Guide-Hen

If we translate 很 (hěn)into English, 很 literally means “very, quite”. However, it is often used before adjectives and its meaning is simply “to be”. Here is the Chinese vocabulary study guide 很. 很 (hěn)vs 是 (Shì ) Both 很 and 是 can be translated into “to be”. The difference is that 是 is used in front […]

16 Animal Sounds You’ll love to Know in Chinese – Animals Sound Different in Chinese

Do you know which animals make these sounds: Meow, woof and chirp? Surely you know the answers. The animals are cats, dogs and birds. What sounds do these animals make in Chinese? Cats make 喵喵(miāo miāo),dogs 汪汪(wāngwāng) and birds 叽叽(jī ji). Do Animals Sound Different in Chinese Sounds of animals are a form of onomatopoeia, the […]

12 Chinese Sayings on Books

Mark Twain said, “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”  In China, we have similar sayings. Let’s have a look at 12 Chinese sayings on books. HOW DO CHINESE PEOPLE VIEW BOOKS? There are many sayings on books in Chinese. Here we can have a look at the sayings  which […]

Chinese Vocabulary Study Guide- Yao

In this Chinese vocabulary study guide, we are about to talk about 要 (yào), which basically means “want”. As an auxiliary verb, it often comes before main verbs to help express a tone . 要 has several meanings which sometimes can only be determined by the context in which it is used. Expressing “Want” with 要 […]

Chinese Language Song by S.H.E – A Chinese Song about Chinese Language

中国话,”Chinese Language”, an interesting title for a song. You are right. It is indeed quite puzzling if you only look at the title. However, if you listen to the Chinese Language song, you will understand why it has such a title. Chinese language song starts with a well-known Chinese tong twister biǎn dān kuān bǎn […]

12 Chinese Proverbs on Time

Tick tack, clock ticks and time flies by. To all of us, time is invisible but time is everywhere. We sometimes feel time does not move and most of the time we just don’t realise how fast it goes away! How do Chinese people view time? We can understand how important time is to Chinese people, […]

Chinese Tongue Twisters for Children

You know the famous English tongue twister “She sells seashells on the seashore”, right? Try to read it several times, how do you feel? TONGUE TWISTER HELPS IN LANGUAGE LEARNING A very good way of learning a language is via tongue twisters. Tongue twisters can really train the tongues to twist to make the right […]

30 Chinese Sentences to Be Used with Children at Meal Time

Time for dinner! I am thirsty. I want to have a glass of milk. Sentences like these are easy, but extremely useful as they are used at meal almost everyday. Here let’s have a look at 30 Chinese sentences which are often used with children during meal time. [Tweet “30 Chinese sentences to be used […]

Top Chinese Textbooks for Kids and Exam Takers

AA question many Chinese learners ask is: which textbook I should choose. Indeed a good textbook can raise the interest of students and provide the interactivity to engage and involve the students in the learning process.  When choosing a Chinese textbook, we need to consider the purpose and the age/level of the student. Here is a list of […]

Nouns of Locality in Chinese

We are all familiar with the preposition words in English such as “in, at, after, beside etc”. In Chinese there are a group of special words that are put after the location. Instead of being called “preposition” words, they are called “nouns of locality” (方位词 , fāngwèi cí). 方位词 (fāngwèi cí)are nouns showing direction and […]