It’s Snowing – A Chinese Nursery Rhythm Great to Learn in Winter

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It is dark and cold in winter. It can be however a really interesting season for children, especially on the snowy days. Here let’s learn a Chinese nursery rhythm named “It’s Snowing”. 下雪了 It’s Snowing 下雪了,下雪了 xià xuěle, xià xuěle It is snowing, it is snowing 屋子长高了 wūzi zhǎng gāole Houses grow higher 小路变胖了 xiǎolù […]

Halloween Chinese Learning

Halloween time is always a fun time for kids. Parties, costumes, trick and treat, candies… so much enjoyment! We can make it also a fun Chinese learning opportunity. We’ve created Halloween Chinese Learning Pack for Children so they can learn some Chinese while getting ready for this very exciting day. What’s in the pack?   […]

Successful Theme Based Chinese Learning Starts from Topic Focused Chinese Vocabulary

Research supports the idea that “learning is an integrated process, a process focused on constructing meaning, and a process largely dependent on the ability to communicate. “(Sandra Rollins Hurley, Ph.D., and Sally Blake, Ph.D.). When we identify the facts and ideas that connect with each other across subjects, we construct meaning. When we learn to […]

Fish, Octopus, and Dolphin… How to Say Sea Life Creatures in Chinese

Kids like zoo and the animals living in the zoo. They also like the creatures living under the water. With so much unknown, the sea world is fascinating. The creatures living in this world are even more amazing: just imagine those colourful fish, mysterious octopus, lovable dolphins, and much more! How about we learn these […]

Tiger, Lion, and Panda… How to Say Zoo Animals in Chinese

After last week’s “Insects Chinese Vocabulary” post, I’ve received many requests for more of this kind of lessons. So here you are, let’s learn how to say zoo animals in Chinese! Zoo is always a fascinating place for kids to visit, again and again. There are many animals living in the zoo and that makes […]

Bees, Butterflies, and ladybugs… How to Say Insects in Chinese

When the weather gets warmer, we start to see insects everywhere: in the garden, we can find ants; in the park, we can see butterflies, ladybugs and bees. Have you introduced these little friends to your child? Let’s learn some insects Chinese vocabulary together! Insects Vocabulary in Chinese Insect is called 昆虫(kūnchóng) in Chinese. Here […]

How Are You, Earth – A Chinese Song for the Earth Day

Earth Day (地球日) has become an important day for all of us to recall what we’ve done and what we can do to make our earth a better place. Every year there is a different theme and the theme of 2019 Earth Day is “Protect Our Species”(保护物种). To celebrate this day, let’s learn a Chinese […]

Where is Spring – A Chinese Children’s Song

There is a quite happy Chinese children’s song for Spring. It is “ 春天在哪里” (chūn tiān zài nǎ lǐ)  – Where is Spring. What is “Where is Spring” Song About It begins by asking the question “Where is spring? Where is spring? “ Then we explore the answers together: Spring is in the green mountains […]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Chinese for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday for children. It is always fun for the kids to cut out heart shapes, learn one or two Valentine’s poems, color sweet Valentine’s Day images and write Valentine cards. How about we convert all these activities into the Chinese learning experience? Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day in Chinese! What are […]

Chinese Year of the Pig – Learn about Pigs in Chinese

In our Chinese New Year series, we’ve talked about Chinese New Year Celebrations for kids, Chinese Zodiac animals. 2019 is the year of the pig, so we are going to talk about PIGS in Chinese. How to Say Pigs in Chinese Pig in Chinese is called 猪(Zhū). One pig is 一头猪 (yītóu zhū); two pigs […]

Chinese Zodiac Animals – Great Race Story and More

You might or might know, that Chinese zodiac, or shengxiao in Chinese, is similar the Western one. Yes, both zodiacs have time cycles divided into 12 parts, each is associated with a person’s personality to the influence of the person’s particular relationship to the part of the cycle. Nevertheless, they are quite different: the 12-part […]

Celebrating New Year – a Chinese Chant to Learn about Chinese New Year

小朋友,过新年, Xiǎopéngyǒu, guò xīnnián Little friends, we are celebrating the New Year 穿新衣,贴春联, Chuān xīnyī, tiē chūnlián We put on new clothes, and we glue the Spring Festival couplets 点灯笼,放鞭炮, Diǎn dēnglong, fàng biānpào We light up lanterns, and we set off firecrackers 还有饺子和压岁钱, Háiyǒu jiǎozi hé yāsuìqián There are also dumplings and lucky money […]

Theme-Based Chinese Learning – Gift Theme Chinese Learning Pack for Kids

It always feels good when giving or receiving a gift. As holiday season is starting,  isn’t it nice to spice it up with Chinese when choosing, wrapping and giving gifts? Here I would like to share with you some activities to learn Chinese around the theme of gift. Whether you are planning for a holiday […]

Chinese Thank You Cards for Kids

We want our children to appreciate what they have, what they receive and show thanks to those who give them a hand. It is not only a matter of manners, but also an awareness of kindness that creates a sense of satisfaction. How to encourage kids to express thanks? These Chinese Thank You Cards for […]

Thank You – A Chinese Children’s Song

There is no better time than NOW to feel thankful. It is great that each year at around Thanksgiving, children and adults are doing thankful activities. However, further than being reminded to show our gratitude once a year, we should practice and teach our children to be thankful all the time. WHY IS BEING THANKFUL […]

Halloween Vocabulary Flashcards in Chinese

One of the most exciting festival for kids is around the corner — Halloween is coming! Do you know how to say Halloween in Chinese? It is 万圣节(or 鬼节). There are many other Halloween Chinese words, do you want to learn them all for this very special day? key Halloween Chinese words 蝙蝠      […]

Fall Theme Chinese Learning

Fall seems like it came so quick, but we already love every minute of it. Here I would like to share with you some activities to learn fall theme in Chinese. You will see ideas for apples and fall season. Whether you are planning for a fall unit study in Chinese or a quick lesson activity, […]

Chinese End of Year Memory Activity

The school year 2017-2018 is nearly to its end. At this time of the year, both teachers and students have lots to do. A major task is to wrap the school year up well: everything a child needs to know should be covered; Another big task is to reflect, celebrate and plan for the next […]