Let’s Celebrate Mother’s Day – Ideas to Make the Celebration Chinese and Fun

Mother’s Day is a very special day, especially for little children. It is a great day to celebrate, to show appreciation to the greatest person in the world, Mom! People give gifts to Moms on this day, but no gift is better than one made by the child. Let’s get some inspiration to combine this celebration with a combination of Chinese learning and fun.

How to Say Happy Mother’s Day in Chinese

Mom, we all know it is 妈妈 in Chinese.

Mother, the formal term of Mom, is 母亲.

Mother’s Day is therefore 母亲节.

Happy Mother’s Day is 母亲节快乐.

There is one more important sentence we need to learn: 我爱你 – I love you. Moms for sure love to hear on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day Cards in Chinese

Celebrate Mother's Day wth these thoughtful, extra special cards with Chinese expressions and put a big smile on Mom's face. #Chinese4kids #LearnChinese #motherday #mothersday #mandarinChinese #specialChinese #Chineselearning #Cards #cardsforMom #forMom #Specialevent

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Craft Ideas for Mother’s Day

Need more ideas to get kids involved in making crafts for Moms? Here you go:

A Book to Read Together


Some Tees to Show the Love

I’ve seen some really nicely designed tees – perfect for Moms. Have a look.

Listen to Mom T-shirt, a great gift for Mother's day. #motherday #gift #ListentoMom #Mom









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Ideas for celebrating Mother's Day with Chinese #Chinese4kids #learnhcinese #Chineselearning #mothersday #forMom #mom


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