Year of the Tiger Chinese Learning Pack for Kids | Chinese New Year Activity Workbook | Learn Chinese Lunar Year of Tiger

Introducing and celebrating Chinese New Year is a great language and cultural educational opportunity. Use this Chinese Year of the Tiger Learning pack to bring joy into your class or homeschooling.



This Year of the Tiger Activity Workbook is good for kids to learn about the Chinese Year of the Tiger. This learning pack includes various interesting and engaging activity worksheets for kids to learn about the zodiac animal 虎 (tiger), the year of Tiger, greeting cards around the theme. This fun workbook serves to be a wonderful in-class or homeschooling  Chinese learning material, not only during Chinese language lessons but also during Chinese culture learning as well as Chinese New Year learning units.

What is in the Learning Pack?

There are 15 pages in this workbook. Let’s name some:

  • Personalities of the people born in the year of the Tiger
  • Find out who is a tiger
  • Lucky numbers for a Tiger person
  • Lucky colors for a Tiger person
  • flowers that bring luck for a Tiger person
  • character writing worksheets
  • coloring page
  • coloring and tracing posters of 春 and 福
  • Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger Greeting cards for coloring and word practicing

Is Year of the Tiger Chinese Learning Activity Learning Pack Right for You?

Consider the points below if you wonder if this is right for you:

  • You want to introduce in your class Chinese New Year, especially the year of the Tiger
  • You would like to give your child a unique and fun learning experience around the Chinese Year of the Tiger
  • This 15-page workbook packs various activity worksheets and is ready to be used without prep.
  • It can be used as a startup activity or fun end-of-day activity, really easy to raise interest and engagement.
  • Instant download and use it immediately